Baking without Flour, Sugar or Milk

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Base Recipe:

2 cups almonds flour (ground almonds.)

3 eggs

¼ cup butter (can be homemade yogurt or cream fraiche )

You can change the ratio depending on what you want to bake -cup cake, pancake, pound cake, clafouti…..anything you want to bake or depending on your favor of taste.

For example of clafouti, the ratio of those ingredients should be:

½ cups almond flour

3 eggs

1cup butter (or coconuts oil or homemade yogurt or cream fraiche)

This mixture over a lot of berries make a beautiful clafouti.

Additional recipe for taste can be:

1 or 2 very ripened bananas ( if you put  3 bananas, the cake become very fluffy)


Coconuts powder

Toasted nuts


Homemade nuts butter

Dried fruits as very special treat

Mix all recipes.  (Mix lightly with spatula is best.  If you use a machine to mix, the cake may not expand well.)   All the mixture goes into a baking dish.  And bake in 325°F heated oven for about 60min. Please check if the cake is baked thoroughly by stick a skewer in the middle of cake. If the skewer comes out dry, then the cake id ready.

Move the dish out of oven, and take the cake out of dish. Wrap the cake in a kitchen towel to cool down.  Usually the half to one day after, cake becomes tastier.


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