Basic Stew

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Beef , pork, Lamb or any meat, with bones, muscles, connective tissues, and fat.

Covered by water and cook with sea salt, pepper and herbs for 5 to 6 hours.

Then add some vegetables such as carrot, onion, zucchini, broccoli, califlower, turnip, beets and etc, and cook about 1 more hour. For FHP and GAPS™, choice of those vegetables are depending on your stage that you are at.)

If you want to skim some fat, that’s fine.

However you want to know that  fat is needed for you to utilize  protein. Some people think fat is bad for our health. That’s a misunderstanding. Fat help you to stay young and energized.  If you eliminate fat too much from your entire diet, then you can accelerate your degeneration.  You just need to choose a good fat for you.  And in many cases, fat from animal is better than from plant because the animal fat does not get rancid easily like plant fat. If you want to stay real healthy, Do not listen to all those what medias tell you, they just want to sell you something at their cheapest production cost and a lot of marketing fee. So as a result you are exchanging your precious health and life for your convenience.  Just listen to your animal instinct that  protect your soul!

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