Beef Stew

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Bone-in Beef Stew

1. I usually use short-ribs with large bones for making this stew.  For 4 people, 2.5 pounds is sufficient.

As shown in the photo, I always ask butcher to cut the large block of the short-rib into half, so that the nourishing substances in the bones are given out to the stock well while cooking.

2. At home, cut the meat between the bones into pieces.  Rub the meat with 2.5 teaspoons of sea salt (adjust the amount of sea salt depending on the size of meat).  With hands, gently massage the meat so that the entire surface is covered by the salt.  It is important to use hands with good energy, so please make sure that you cook with love towards your family, partner, friends etc.,  who will eat this stew!

4. Place the meat in a large pot, add 3~4 cloves of garlic, herbs of your choice (Today, I used lavender from farmers market, dried at home) and chicken stock or water.  Chicken stock is preferable, but if you run out of it, use water.  Half water and half chicken stock also works.

5. Cover with a drop lid, put on high heat, and bring it to boil.  Reduce the heat to medium low heat, and cook for 4 to 5 hours.  Check occasionally, and if the water level is quite low, add some water.  You will add water 2~3 times while simmering.

6. This is the photo of the stew cooked for 4 hours.

If you are on GAPS diet and not allowed to eat cooked vegetables yet, add some water, cook another 2 hours and done.

If you are on GAPS diet and allowed to eat cooked vegetables, cook the meat for 5~6 hours in total, add allowed vegetables, and cook for another 1 hour.  If you are allowed to have the soup only (not the solid meat and vegetables), separate the soup and the meat/vegetable.  Enjoy the soup, and let other people eat the solid meat/vegetable.


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