Makiko’s Roast Pork

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3 – 6 pounds (depending on the serving size), A block of Pork butt or shoulder.  Fatter meat is better than lean meat for roasting because it brings juicier and tastier.  Tie up the pork or you can ask your butcher to do so when you buy it.


For the marinade:

1/2 cup Lacto-fermented vegetables juice, 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup Lacto-fermented ginger (Preferably all organic and homemade) and 3 tsp  sea salt.


In a food processor, mix well all the ingredients. Then into a resealable bag, put the pork and the marinade.  Make sure that the pork is entirely covered by the marinade.  Keep it in the refrigerator, over night to a couple of days.


Before you roast, take it out of refrigerator and leave it on a kitchen counter for bring it thoroughly back to a room temperature.

While heating the over to 400F°, brown the entire surface of the pork in a flying pan.

If the pork is small enough, then you can use a casserole with a lid.  Please make sure that the casserole is tolerated by 400 F°.

If you need a bigger oven dish, then maybe you need to cover it by aluminum foil.  This is when I roasted two 6 pounds pork.  It’s very difficult to find a high heat tolerated oven dish which is big enough and comes with a lid.

Anyway, transfer the pork and marinade into the dish and cover.  Then in the middle of oven, roast at 400F°.

About 30min for 1 pound. So if the pork is 3 pounds, then it is going to be 1 hour and half roasting time.  If the pork is 6 pounds, then the roasting time is 3 hours.

While the pork is hot, slice it for anyway you want to serve.


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